Our mission is to deliver unique sailing events, in bucket list locations around the world, with like-minded adventurers, party lovers, brave souls, trend setters and trail blazers.

Drawing on our deep experience, adventurous spark and can-do attitude, we have disrupted the established yacht vacation market by visiting fresh and unique bucket list destinations, whilst delivering on our promise to build The BucketLust around our people; be it our guests, staff or partners. We have set out to build a close-knit global family for whom travelling is more than just a vacation; it is a lifestyle choice, a custom, a religion, a passion, an unrelenting desire.

Using yachts as our mode of travel, the ocean as our road and guided by the winds, our events are weeklong floating festivals featuring parties, sailing and adventure. We are built of the people, by the people, to serve the people in our never ending quest to extract every inch of fun whilst delivering our trademark ground-shuddering, roof raising parties. It's time to join us and meet your forever-squad. We're waiting...

Our concept is founded around leveraging three key concepts:


We crowdfund our events by splitting the total cost between all the yachts joining us. At inception we poll previous and potential guests, as well as local experts and sailors to create an events budget. This covers costs such as DJs, photo and video teams, events staff, venue hire, sound systems, family dinners, fireworks, custom apparel and any other awesome additions we think you will love. Anything not spent at the end of the event will be given back to all our guests in the form of an even more insane closing party!

We leverage our group buying power to secure the best deals, including on the yacht charter costs themselves. We are fully transparent and will only spend this money on events that will add value to your vacation. We believe you are investing in an unforgettable life experience, and not simply buying a vacation. We ruthlessly pursue a return on this investment and your trust in us!


You, our incredible TBL family, is always right! We base our events, locations, parties and activities around what you want. We try our best to poll our community and get honest feedback to make sure we are providing exactly what you want, and to understand how we can improve. We are a new concept and we are always looking to get better. We will always make best efforts to accommodate what you want.

We want to leverage the skills of our immensely talented community. Whether that be local knowledge, a fixer you know on the ground, an epic DJ you want playing or a partner company you think would be an amazing fit to collaborate with, we want you to get involved and help us shape the future of TBL. We truly believe that in reaching out to our community in such a way keeps us down to earth, and tied to delivering exactly what you really want, working hard for you.


We, the founders of TBL, have a combined experience of over 200 similar style yacht vacation weeks all around the world. We comprise ex-guests, ex-skippers, ex-chefs and ex-event managers. We have, therefore, experienced this style of vacation from many different angles with a huge and varied amount of experience to draw on. We know what works and what doesn’t, and we have made some great contacts along the way. We aim to leverage this unrivaled, all-round experience to propel TBL events to be the market leading service of its kind. This know how means we can add some of our secret-special-sauce to your bucket lists creating an unparalleled, highly customer focused and truly immersive experience, built solely with your happiness in mind.