9 EPIC Reasons To Do Tahiti The BucketLust Way

9 EPIC Reasons To Do Tahiti The BucketLust Way

That’s right: we’re going to Tahiti, baby. We’re packing 786 crates of BucketLust special sauce onto a flotilla of good-time yachts and sting sail to this French Polynesian gem where every clichéd scene is born out of the most melt-your-mind-truth ever!

Surrounded by a sh*t load of Pacific Ocean, this island paradise is basically 50 shades of outriggers, thatched bungalows, pristine beaches that are whiter than Pablo Escobar’s favourite pick-me-up, and emerald lagoons everywhere your eyes dart; lagoons you’ll want to dive into at first glance (probably leaving your swimmers on the deck of your party palace just so you can tell everyone you, “skinny-dipped in f***ing paradise!”)

And this ring-shaped reef is just one moment on a coral reef made up of 118 epic atolls. Basically, your Instagram is going to blow up like an old testament volcano and cover everyone who follows you in lip-biting jealousy.

There’s Bora Bora, Taha’a, Ra’iátea, and Moorea. Huahine-Nui, Huahine-Iti, and Tetiaroa -- which is so frickin’ epic Marlon Brando went there once and then said, “yeah, I think I’ll buy it,” and then slapped the cash on a table, smiled his Hollywood smile, and picked up the keys to his brand new Pacific island (*could he get any more Brando?).

To sum it up: Tahiti is that one bucket list entry that everyone scribbles down first, in their thickest Sharpie, and then circles in red pen a dozen time with the words “must go here” -- and we’re taking The BucketLust there to SEND IT with our FOREVER SQUADS to create the sort of good-time memories that will rock and roll in local folklore for next hundred years and beyond.

The bad news is: this route is already sold out.

The good news is: we’re doing this route again in 2020. So start saving, start planning, start dreaming and dancing, drinking and raving, and start filling your fancy dress box because we’re taking a debauched AF seafaring adventure to the remotest part of the Pacific Ocean, and it’s going to be EPIC.

10 BADASS Things We Learned On Our St Martin Route

10 BADASS Things We Learned On Our St Martin Route

The way we see it, life is chock-full of f**k yeah moments - the sort that makes you bite your bottom lip, clench your fist, and (unintentionally) pull your sex face. They’re usually the little things, like popping bubble-wrap, finding the cool side of your pillow in the middle of the night, pulling a $50 note out of your jeans, seeing the waiter arrive with your food, scoring a last-minute goal against your best-mate on FIFA 18, beating your realty agent brother in a game of Monopoly, and finally getting to pee after holding it in for what felt like seventeen years (#roadtripproblems).

But you can forget about all these little f**k yeah moments for the next six-and-a-half minutes because nothing beats aimlessly scrolling about the internet only to unearth an article all about the greatest, MOST SEXY AF, under-the-radar party you’ve ever heard about, read about, or dreamt up in your wildest dreams -- and that’s exactly what our New Year’s Eve Event was.

It was a SENDING IT SENSATION. A mind-fizzer and soul-whizzer. A crazy AF adieu to 2018 where pirates screamed “No sleep til Brooklyn”, bikini babes and ripped dudes burnt down the world, Lambos and discos flooded the islands, no one wore underwear, and life felt like a dance music video from the early-naughties. Basically, it was the GREATEST. F***ING. PARTY. ON. PLANET. EARTH.

How To Book The Most Badass Epiphany Trip Of Your Life

How To Book The Most Badass Epiphany Trip Of Your Life

Given you’ve washed up on the shores of this badass blog, we’re willing to slam our bottom dollar on the deck and say you’ve heard of us - you’ve heard about this crazy AF thing called The BucketLust - an exclusive seven-day, 24-hour, flotilla of yachts for life-loving unicorns; an sea-dancing adventure that involves luxury sailboats, exotic locales, and happy-go-lucky partygoers from around the world that love nothing more than good music, expensive booze, views for daze and making memories for life.

But, unless you’ve been there and felt it with your own soul, it can be pretty hard to picture the scenes behind closed eyelids. So, to drop a taste of the good stuff into your imagination, it’s essentially a week of laughing onboard massive yachts, sailing from one paradise to the next, living out your wildest dreams, and drinking the nights away in beach clubs you thought movie directors made up.

The question is: how does a newbie-unicorn book a BucketLust adventure and find their party-loving sea-legs?

Well, to stop your head spinning like a bottle in a teenage game of ‘kiss your crush’, we’re going to break down the booking process, turn your nerves into excitement, remove the novice feelings dancing about your belly and turn you into a fist-pumping, wave-riding and tequila-spraying pro. Can we get a hell yeah?!

New Year, Same Vices: 9 Anti-Resolutions For Every Unicorn

New Year, Same Vices: 9 Anti-Resolutions For Every Unicorn

It’s happened. We’ve said goodbye to 2018 (suck it, year!) and welcomed 2019 with a six-step high-five and a cheeky fondle - and we did it in style. We sent it bigger than any New Year’s Eve has ever been sent, woke up in a daze on the bow of a yacht with a pounding headache, parched throat and bodies hurting for reasons we couldn’t work out, unsure of what damage we’d done to our organs (and reputations), and then stared out at the tonic for tired eyes that is St Martin before turning to whichever partner in crime was nearest and whispered, “That’s how it’s done - that’s how unicorns rave and f***ing pirates party!”

7 Badass Gifts TBL Wants For Christmas

7 Badass Gifts TBL Wants For Christmas

Ladies and gentlemen, unicorns and misfits, pirates and party-goers - we’re now balls deep into the holiday season - and damn it feels good.

Thanksgiving came and went in a flurry of food and fireworks, Starbucks did that predictable thing of unleashing a ream of Christmas-themed slurpables across their gazillion coffee spots, you indulged in wherever-you-are-from-centric holiday traditions, stumbled across a slew of new ones and, yup, you once again stole the show at your office Christmas party in a way that both confuses and excites you. And that means there is just one badass thing left to do -- send Santa your holiday wish list.

A Sneak Peek At Next Summer's Dodecanese Debauchery

When you’ve lived the life of a hundred seafaring party-unicorns, it can take a lot to get your nerves jangling, your heart fist-pumping through your vest, and your hedonistic brainwaves tripping the light fantastic - but we’ve gone and done it. Ladies and gentlemen, mischief-makers and dream-chasers, next summer we’re heading to the Dodecanese (Doh-de-kuh-nee-sa) islands of Greece to send it places it’s never been sent before - woo woo.

Now ya’ll are probably thinking you know what to expect from the Greek islands, and to a certain degree we’re guessing you be right. It’s basically a bunch of rocky terraces, blinding-white villas with flag-blue shutters, lots of grey footpaths where each stone is outlined with white paint, and the uber-Pinterest-y vibes of Santorini and Mykonos.

But we’re not doing that kind of Greece. Hell no. We’re doing Greece The Bucketlust way. That means boarding an armada of yachts, hoisting the sails high, and leaving the island of Kos so that we can spend seven days hitting up all of the best spots in the Dodecanese for nothing less than nautical AF debauchery. Heck. We’re going to smash so many plates, party in so many crazy places, and serve up a cocktail of adventure, tradition and parties so strong, this route will be written into local folklore with an asterisk that reads, “Now that’s how you live your best life.”

Your No-Nonsense Tropic Like It's Hot New Year's Eve Rulebook

We’re not sure if it’s become cool to hate on New Year’s Eve - or whether us humans just need to work on our earnestness - but we’re getting pretty bored of people closing out the year by saying, “New Year’s Eve is so overrated”. New Year’s Eve is not overrated. At least, not when you do it The BucketLust way.

That’s because our New Year’s Eve’s are different. Oh-so-different. F**king different. There’s no hating yourself for paying Uber surge prices, trekking it to the other side of your cold and crowded city, and then drinking knock-off champagne in a confined space with hundreds of strangers knowing you’ll probably have to go pee at 11:37pm or else you’ll welcome in the next epoch of your life parting the sea of midnight kissers with awkwardly wet pants.

This is why the world’s most life-loving unicorns have begun avoiding New York, London, Paris, Sydney, Hong Kong, and every other world-famous New Year’s party to come kick it with us, and our flotilla of yachts, on a voyage of hedonistic exploration that would make Christopher Columbus quake in his sandals - and this New Year’s Eve it’s our St Martin Route that’s getting the FULL F**KING SEND. 

It’s gonna be huuuge. No. It’s gonna be hot. So hot you’ll need to wear a welder’s mask to look at it and teflon gloves to touch it. But it will be so worth it because this route is gonna make your mind fizz, your soul shake, your fists punch the air, and the good-time memories sear themselves into your smile, replete with all those gorgeously bad habits you think you’re going to give up as part of your ”I can be a saint” resolutions. Yeah. It’s as big as New Year’s gets. It’s three islands in seven days. It’s a cocktail of French grandeur, Dutch flair, Caribbean-cool beach vibes, and our TBL special sauce.  

New Year’s Eve is dead. Long live New Year’s Eve.

Long live The BucketLust.

10 Reasons Bravo's new TV show 'Unanchored' Is Gonna Be Epic AF

If you’ve ever found yourselves on the deck of a BucketLust yacht, you’ll know just how epic we can make a week of seafaring. They’re epic AF. If, however, you haven’t yet found yourself aboard one of our flotillas, you’re FOMO is out to go into mega-meltdown mode because you’re missing out big.

Bikini-clad women shake their hips to “Paper Stars” on the bow. Fist pumps become irresistible. Flailing swan divers lose their Budgie Smugglers on impact. Alpha males rip their patriotic swim trunks showing off on Subwings (underwater flight), while champagne-sipping spectators lounge on flamingo tubes, rejoicing with raised glasses. Armadas of BucketLust yachts sail in Flying Vs from party-rich docks to palm-lined beaches. Warm waters are lapped up, morning coffees are replaced by skinny dips, tans sparkle, hair gets licked by the elixir of sun n’ salt, sunsets are cheers’d, adventures are had, pop-up dance parties are encouraged by tequila, tribes are discovered, memories are made, and hedonism is celebrated from dusk until dawn and then some more. In a clamshell, that’s what a BucketLust event feels like - and the new Bravo TV show ‘Unanchored is about to bring it all to your 55” screen.

So, set a reminder on your phone, grab a six pack or two and get ready to ride the bumpy waters because this one promises to be a rowdy, epic AF, good-time show, and here’s 10 reasons why: