When you’ve lived the life of a hundred seafaring party-unicorns, it can take a lot to get your nerves jangling, your heart fist-pumping through your vest, and your hedonistic brainwaves tripping the light fantastic - but we’ve gone and done it. Ladies and gentlemen, mischief-makers and dream-chasers, next summer we’re heading to the Dodecanese (Doh-de-kuh-nee-sa) islands of Greece to send it places it’s never been sent before - woo woo.

Now ya’ll are probably thinking you know what to expect from the Greek islands, and to a certain degree we’re guessing you be right. It’s basically a bunch of rocky terraces, blinding-white villas with flag-blue shutters, lots of grey footpaths where each stone is outlined with white paint, and the uber-Pinterest-y vibes of Santorini and Mykonos.

But we’re not doing that kind of Greece. Hell no. We’re doing Greece The Bucketlust way. That means boarding an armada of yachts, hoisting the sails high, and leaving the island of Kos so that we can spend seven days hitting up all of the best spots in the Dodecanese for nothing less than nautical AF debauchery. Heck. We’re going to smash so many plates, party in so many crazy places, and serve up a cocktail of adventure, tradition and parties so strong, this route will be written into local folklore with an asterisk that reads, “Now that’s how you live your best life.”

As with most places, it would take a lifetime to discover all of Greece, but it only takes a Bucketlust week to fall in love with her. Lip-biting love. The way the Spartans probably enjoyed it. Or not. Either way, let’s crack on with a sneak peek of this route, shall we?

Sneak Peek 1: Greece’s Most epic ‘Cultural’ venue


You’ve probably guessed by now, nothing we do falls within the realm of normal, boring, everyday or samesy. It’s just not us.

Every route has to feature a venue that’s one off, completely original and genuinely makes your jaw DROP. So we put our madcap thinking-hat on, and found a way to spray the TBL special sauce all over the place. We present you: MIKRO CHORIO an abandoned village in the hills of Tilos

This isn’t just an ancient abandoned village atop a mystic mountain overlooking the BucketLust Armada, NO – when the sun goes down, we will turn this sprawl of Greek ruins in to our private fist pumping playground. And when that sun rises again…. we’ll tell our DJs to turn it up some more. Like we said, it’s a cultural expedition, it’s just been so remixed you’ll be transfixed. And merry. You’ll be oh-so-merry

Sneak Peek 2: Go Crazy For Kos


Apart from dishing up the best week of your lives and delivering them on spray-painted platters, if there’s one thing TBL has become notorious for, it’s kicking off your wildest dreams in style - and this time it’s going down on the crazy island of Kos. We don’t want to give too much away, but you’ll see melt-your-mind ruins everywhere you look, hear ouzo flood out of bottles and into mouths, and feel the sun boogie across your skin as our resident DJs turn it up until you’re fist-pumping in your Aegean-soaked bathers. And it only gets better from there as we take to the seas, slip into formation, turn it up to eleven, and set out on our love-spreading voyage. Yeehaw.

Sneak Peek 3: Seas The Day


Open the history books, flick through the spine and pick a page at random: you’ll find the Greeks have always been known for their parties. But why moor-up at Mykonos, find a place to run ashore on Ios, or follow the crowds of whistle-blasting, dayglow-ers to the long strip of strip joints in Laganas when you can strip down to your bikinis and dance around a yacht-mast in the middle of the sea. Yup. We’re talking about our epic AF raft parties. Trust us: our motley crew of misfit skippers love nothing more than dropping their anchors, rafting their yachts together in a good-time circle, and passing the mic over to our DJs because there’s not a shindig on the planet that can rival one of our pop-up parties. Inflatables bob up, champagne rains down, fists pump in every direction, and bedroom eyes find one another across the liquid dancefloor. It’s partying 2.0 and, Greece, we’re gonna show you how to send it. Big.

Sneak Peek 4: The Sights And SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES


It’s true. We’re not just about the ocean breeze, salty hair, pop-up parties and music-madness. We like to explore the sights too. We just like doing it the TBL way, which means filling our water bottles with ouzo, doing a fancy dress conga to the summit of Symi, setting up speakers in the ancient ruins, lounging on black sand beaches, checking out the badass underwater caves, fin-fiving the barracudas, and racing up the volcanoes of Nisyros in beach buggies ‘cos, if there’s one thing we’ve learned in life, why the f**k would you walk up a volcano when you can jump in a beach buggy, yell “this is what I live for” and tear off in a cloud of dust? As the raucous adventure-hunter said himself, “life shouldn’t be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, you wanna skid in broadside, in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up and totally worn out, with the words, "Wow! What a Ride!” etched into your eyes.” And that’s how we do “the sights”.

Sneak Peek 5: Shangri La Got Sexy


There’s nothing sexier than stepping off the stern of a yacht with a bunch of bikini-clad beauties and budgie-smuggling hardbodies, covered in beads of sweat, as you run up the beach of an under-the-radar island whose shorelines are decorated with old villas, tower houses, vivid villages and sky-tickling mountains. That’s how to live your best life, and why we’re pitstopping on Halki. It’s sun, sand, sea and sexy vibes. Culinary wizards and ouzo-making magicians. It’s tavernas made for table-dancing and dishes that will make your taste buds dance. Views for days and memories for life. It’s the perfect place to take our floating amphitheatre of awesomeness and let our life-loving pirates commandeer all the good times they can.

Sneak Peek 6: #SquadGoals

You can forget the Taylor Swift Clan and stuff the Seattle Seahawks team in a sack because, statistically speaking, the greatest squad of all time will be uncovered next summer, in Greece, when you meet a gaggle of legendary unicorns just like yourself. It’s what we’re good at. No. It’s what we’re f***king great at. It’s a matter of science. When you pull together as many unique moments, nutty events and batshit-crazy-adventures as we do, pop them into a mixer and then toss in a medley of pop-up parties, starlit dinners and melt-your-mind locations, you’re bound to meet your squad for life because no one else will be able to understand the mad sh*t you got up to on our route. So stop dealing in the ordinary and come join us and your new herd of spirit animals instead.

Sneak Peek 7: We Can Throw A Party


Actually, the Guinness Book Of World Records just called and gave that subheading the award for Most Underrated Statement Of All Time. And rightly so ‘cos we send it bigger than any other pirates on the planet. We throw parties that erupt from nowhere like underwater volcanoes. Parties that will make you rip your shirt off by the buttons and swing it around your head like the blades of a chopper. Parties that pop-up a mile offshore. Parties where the music blares so loud they make the sands jump, the waves turn tidal, and your clothes fall off. Parties that will make you put your hands in the air, your head tilt up to the skies, your eyes close, and your brain spark with holy sh*t lightning bolts. Parties you won’t believe are real, but won’t be able to forget. Ever. And we’re going to Greece to send it bigger than we’ve ever sent it before. So big it will see the myth that is Dionysus step down from the heavens, bow to us and then hand over the hard-earned title that is God of wine, fertility, madness and ecstasy.

Oh, and if you’re worrying that this much partying could wreck your beach body - don’t - you’ll be surprised at how many calories hedonism burns. And swimming in the Aegean. So what are you waiting for? Drop everything you’re doing in, rush to our website, and secure your spot on the debauched adventure you’ve been craving.

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