Ladies and gentlemen, unicorns and misfits, pirates and party-goers - we’re now balls deep into the holiday season - and damn it feels good.

Thanksgiving came and went in a flurry of food and fireworks, Starbucks did that predictable thing of unleashing a ream of Christmas-themed slurpables across their gazillion coffee spots, you indulged in wherever-you-are-from-centric holiday traditions, stumbled across a slew of new ones and, yup, you once again stole the show at your office Christmas party in a way that both confuses and excites you. And that means there is just one badass thing left to do -- send Santa your holiday wish list.

Whether it’s right or wrong or totally ignoring the true spirit of Christmas doesn’t really matter - the best part of the holidays, in our wildly hedonistic opinion, is being lavished with gifts. And as far as our in-house historians can tell, it's always been this way. It’s always been about bestowing a bunch of bonkers prezzies on those we love, like, crush-on, sleep-with, lust-after and are forced to share a cubicle with. Just look at The 12 Days of Christmas. That righteous jam was written way back in the 18th century, and every line of it celebrates the madness of love and the lengths some guy went to a few hundred years ago to satisfy his bloomer-clad bae on the Mack Daddy’s birthday - and who can blame him.

If that dude was still around nowadays, he’d probably be our event organiser because that anonymous unicorn knew how to throw a pop-up party. There were lords leaping, ladies dancing, lots of beautiful birds, some of whom were swimming, drummers tapping out a beat, a few gold rings and, of course -- a partridge in a pear tree. It sounds like a Bucketlust Welcome Party.

But all this voluptuous decadence got us thinking about what we’d pop on a wishlist and send to Santa and his harem of naughty little elves and, well, we’d figured these things would help us SEND IT louder and prouder than we’ve ever done before. Woo woo.

1. Squad Swimwear


Nothing makes us feel more at sea than seeing a hundred-plus unicorns wearing some sexy AF squad swimwear while living their best life at one of our notorious circle raft parties. It’s the greatest feeling you can have outside the bedroom. Bikinis, swimsuits, trunks, boardies, budgie-smugglers and more, all of them matching, all of them giving our misfits a squad. It’s one crazy sight to see, and knowing you’ve found your herd of legendary unicorns and bat-sh*t crazy adventurers is one crazy feeling to feel. Bikini-clad babes dancing beneath the fountains of Champagne as bravado-fuelled hardbodies dive from the decks and take to the liquid dancefloor. It’s epic. No. It’s epic AF. And thanks to our partners Oliver Jane, we’re able to produce a custom range of swimmers for every route for you to behave badly in from the first circle raft party onwards -- for free. Can we get a yeehaw.

2. Unicorn Riders


Scroll down our Insta-feeds, flick through our FB and pick a pic at random: you’ll quickly see no Bucketlust Route is complete without a trillion unicorn inflatables dancing on the waves at every pop-up party and bouncing across the wake when our flotilla sets off for the next piece of paradise. That’s why we’ve added unicorn riders to this sexy wishlist. Unicorns are great - super-great - but unicorns riders are f***ing badasses. So let’s go to a yacht and go wild, huh.

3. The Number 11


Back when all this began - when we still chasing dreams and louder screams - all we wanted to do was bring the best kind of people together, pump out the good times, live in the moment for as long and hard as we wanted, do it all over the world, and never forget a minute of it. We wanted to throw parties. Real parties. Debauched AF nautical parties. Enter: Soundboks. And, Santa, you party-loving pirate, we want more of ‘em. We want to get our resident DJs behind the decks, feel the sands shake, the oceans quake, and see our crew of mega-misfits covered in beads of sweat as we crank the tunes up to 11. We take partying off the beaten path, to covered caves, beautiful beaches, and beyond -- and we want to SEND IT bigger than ever before. (Oh and, to make sure the good-times never stop, keep a lookout for our new TBL Playlists on Spotify.)

4. Passports


There are passports and then there are passports, the sort that will take you to far-flung pockets of paradise no other can, places that will make your eyes fizz, your brain melt out of your ears, and your heart fist-pump so hard you’ll see it bounce through your vest as you scream “I’m never going back, mother f***ers.” Our passport is the latter. It’s your ticket out of the real world. Out of dodge. To places only the most raucous unicorns are allowed to party. And they don’t just look badass either. They wield a pinch of travel power known as TBL Loyalty Points. You party with us, we fill your passport with stamps, your stamps means points and - boom! - points mean prizes, baby (not to mention access to promotions, pre-booking preferences, and a tombola full of other epic tidbits). Basically, our TBL Passports are like Hulk Hogan’s entrance music -- awesome.

5. Bucketlust Ballers


Talking of ye olde loyalty points, there’s something else we’d love Santa to slip under our proverbial tree -- some more Hall Of Heroes. MVBs. Good-time gods dancing among unicorns. Those extraordinary revellers that stand out for making each route the hedonistic blast it always is. We’re not talking about the loudest or the most fancy-dress-fearless. We’re talking about the unsung heroes of our batsh*t awesome adventure. Ubercorns whose heroism stands out from the smorgasbord of wow-factor acts and earns them the respect of the staff and skippers, bookers and babes, locals and ex-lovers. We worship these people so much, we even immortalise them in our Hall of Heroes, and we want more of ‘em.

6. Tequila Time


If we’ve yelled it from our glittery crow’s nest once, we’ve yelled it from our glittery crow’s nest a thousand times: you can’t have a five-star shindig with one-star happy sauce. That’s why we’ve asked Santa and his elves to search the globe for bottles of booze that will spray further, slip down easier, have you dancing longer, singing louder, fist-pumping higher, twerking lower and slipping below deck more. Champagne so good you’ll want to shower beneath it, tequila so tasty you’ll shot it straight from the bottle, and vodka that will make you misbehave in the best way. After all, there’s only one reason we buy the expensive booze: it makes you very, very naughty.

7. Epic AF NYE


There are only two types of people that dare to say New Year’s Eve is overrated: those that have never done it The Bucketlust way and those that haven’t heard of our party-hard cult, and that’s because our New Year’s Eve’s are different. Oh-so-different. F**king different. We load our good-time galleons with so much party-loving paraphernalia it would make Hunter S. Thompson nervous, before hoisting the sails on our flotilla, throwing two fingers up to dry land and heading out on a voyage of hedonistic exploration so wild, crazy and carnal, you’ll realise you’re on the epiphany trip of a lifetime - and this New Year’s Eve it’s our St Martin Route that’s getting the FULL F**KING SEND. It’s three islands in seven days and we’re gonna cover each of them in our TBL special sauce. So, Santa, Mrs Claus, and all you cheeky little elves, get your dayglow ready and your dancing boots steady because we’re going to make so much noise you’ll be able to hear our revelry at the North Pole.

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