It’s happened. We’ve said goodbye to 2018 (suck it, year!) and welcomed 2019 with a six-step high-five and a cheeky fondle - and we did it in style. We sent it bigger than any New Year’s Eve has ever been sent, woke up in a daze on the bow of a yacht with a pounding headache, parched throat and bodies hurting for reasons we couldn’t work out, unsure of what damage we’d done to our organs (and reputations), and then stared out at the tonic for tired eyes that is St Martin before turning to whichever partner in crime was nearest and whispered, “That’s how it’s done - that’s how unicorns rave and f***ing pirates party!”

Now can we get an amen?

But that’s usually when something horrendous happens. We all think to ourselves, "Hey, I really should start living a healthier life," which always means conforming to the ritual of foregoing booze. And we get it. The holidays are heavy for livers everywhere. It’s basically a month of wine-fueled mayhem we’re not entirely proud of. We’d do most of it again in a frickin’ heartbeat, but there’s still a teeny-tiny, almost-ignorable voice inside you somewhere that maybe thinks that standing on the deck of a yacht, ripping off your trunks, pouring champagne over your naked body, doing the robot as our resident DJ blasts out Fisher, and then swan diving into the middle of a circle-raft party probably wouldn’t have made Mum and Dad proud - and so we all consider cutting back on things we love most.

Well, we at The Bucketlust love doing sh*t we’re not totally proud of, and we’re not cutting back dammit. We love living our best life. We love expanding our crew of misfits and movers, wanderlusters and wackjobs. We love tequila and champagne, pop-up parties and dancing in paradise. We love indulging in a handful of hedonism and a dollop of debauchery. We love babes in bikinis, hardbodies in boardies, tasteful gluttony and a spot of self-indulgence, and we’re not giving that up just because it’s a new year. Hell no!

That’s why we have compiled a list of beautiful vices (or anti-resolutions, as we’re calling them) that you should definitely keep committing. No. They may not be "good" for you, and they may not make you a “better person” - but they are f**king epic, and that’s what living your unicorn life is all about!

So do it. Keep being your badass self. Keep getting balls deep into mischief. And keep doing you while yelling “YOLO” through a megaphone because, let’s be honest, no good story ever started with, “This one time I had a salad.”

1. Give Booze Another Chance


We’ve been there, misfits. Your body n’ brain are still recovering from your tequila-tanked holidays, which is why every fiber of your being is tempted to call it quits for a while. But there’s never been a better time to get back on it. Why? Well a) it’s fun and b) most bars are empty because of those untrustworthy people doing Drynuarys, making it the perfect time to order the sort of cocktail that will take forever knowing it will take slightly less forever. You could even make a “To-Drink” list of liquors you’ve always wanted to party on and work your way through ‘em wearing a unicorn mask and cowboy hat. So long as you keep the rave alive, you’re doing alright by us.

2. Listen To The Lil’ Mischievous Misfit Inside You


When was the last time you saw the hero in a film having more fun than the villain? Do you know why that is? Because being a little bit evil is fun. We’re not saying you should hide your Granny’s walking stick or anything like that. We’re just saying the little devil inside you knows how to have a good time. So say “yes” to one more drink. Stay up all night on a Monday. Put half of your week’s wages on black. Fly to Vegas on a whim. Crash a wedding. And go to the rooftop of your New York apartment block armed with your Soundbok II and your favourite CamelPhat tune and dance beneath the smog-smoked stars (or go wild listening to our Spotify Playlist - Tropic Like It’s Hot).

3. Go AWOL More Often


Life is dope. But life is also stressful. So take a chill pill and go with the flow - it’ll be the most badass thing you do. And it means less stress for you! It’s also easy. Just jump in the car and take a road trip. Tick places off your bucket list. Put on a croaky voice, tell your boss you’re feeling a bit blue and then stay in bed all day with your sexy AF crush. Go on an epic tour de friends and get the words “what happens on tour stays on tour” tattooed on the sole of your foot. Meet up with your seafaring-partycorn squad to send it big while you wait for the next Bucketlust Route. Attend the TBL school reunion at Talladega - the wildest, loudest, fastest, most mud-soaked party East of the Mississippi. And party on a lake. A party Lake. Lake Saint Clair. A water-based Mardi Gras with more than its fair share of champagne-spraying, care-free toplessness, mahooosive crowds, floating revelries, and R-rated anchorages.

4. Spend A S*** Load On Yourself


What’s the point in making money if you don’t splash some of it (okay, a lot of it!) on yourself. And we’re not talking about stuff you need. We’re chatting about stuff you want. Luxuries, Indulgences. Hardcore hedonism. We’re not talking about a house you can’t afford or a villa in a far-flung pocket of paradise you’ll rarely use. No, we’re talking about splashing some money on a fancy dinner, a night at an awesome hotel with a 10-person Jacuzzi, or hiring a supercar for a weekend, the sort that has no back seats and no roof. We’re talking money for a leather jacket with an epic AF caption sprayed-painted on the back. Or another Bucketlust trip knowing you’ll be collecting Loyalty Points every time you do. F**k the guilt, man. You’re a pirate. A Misfit. A unicorn. And pirate-misfit-unicorns deserve to spend money on themselves. You deserve to look as good as you feel.

5. Eat What The F You Want To


We all gotta eat, right? And life’s short, yeah? So doesn’t it make sense to do away with foods you don’t like and start eating more of the foods that make you go “awwwwww, man, that s**t cray.” Who cares if it’s rich or creamy or impossibly unhealthy. Not every meal needs to rock the mantra: nutritious and delicious. Some meals should just make your belly flip and your tongue trip the light fantastic. Eat foods stuffed with cheese, have that pudding, eat out at your favourite restaurant, grab those fries from that beach bar, and cook more dishes that get your eyes fizzing and your Insta-fans applauding - whatever that might mean to you.

6. See Places The Bucketlust Way


When you’ve lived the life of a hundred seafaring, rave-loving unicorns, you get to see a plethora of far-flung paradises. Belize, Mykonos, Sardinia, the Bahamas, St Martin - we’ve done them all and we’ve done them in style. And next up is the Dodecanese. But, the thing is, we never do these places as you would expect to see them, and Greece is no different. We’re not doing a vacay full of rocky terraces, blinding-white villas, blue shutters, grey-stone footpaths outlined with white paint, or the uber-Pinterest-y vibes of Santorini. We’re doing it our way, which means boarding an armada of party-yachts, hoisting the sails high, and leaving the island of Kos so that we can spend seven days hitting up all of the best spots in the Dodecanese for nothing less than a week of nautical AF debauchery. We’ll be smashing plates, raving on forgotten islands, racing beach buggies up volcanoes, sending it on parties a mile off-shore, setting up our speakers in ancient ruins and basically serve up a cocktail of adventure, tradition and shindigs so strong that you, we and the Greek locals will use this as a touchstone when it comes to living your best life.

7. The Dark Art Of Disco-Napping


Too many people think napping is a sign of laziness. These people are clearly not unicorns. Because only unicorns know that napping is a necessary way to recharge, and the “disco-nap” is as necessary as it gets when you’re hitting the town/beach-club/pop-up-party/circle-raft-party hard. Forget the “power nap”. That’s what executive-interns do when trying to impress their new boss. We’re all about the disco-nap. We’re all about using the pre-party gooch (aka that boring space between the afternoon and nighttime where you have no plans) to take a nap. Then - BOOM! - two hours later you wake up feeling half-refreshed and half-pumped, every fiber of your being ready to get out there and send it! And let’s not forget about all those geniuses who changed the world while napping. ”Zzzzzzz-gravityyyyyy” - Sir Isaac Newton. It’s true. Look it up.

8. Enjoy More Epiphany Trips


If we’ve grabbed the mic to yell it once, we’ve grabbed the mic to yell it a trillion times: not all vacations are created equal. There are trips (like the ones you take with your high school sweetheart where you follow the tourist route of same-old sights) and then there are epiphany trips - the sort that makes your eyes fizz, your soul shake, your hips do a jig, and your mind melt out of your ears. Do more of the latter. Indulge in the kind of madcap mayhem you couldn’t forget even if you were blasted by Agent K’s neuralyzer. Race camels through a desert, strip down to your sparklies at an infamous street carnival, drag out a road trip to Vegas with your favourite partygoing-pirates, get balls deep into South Lake Tahoe one weekend in January, and find your squad of life-loving spirit animals on one of our flotillas. And if you’ve got to see the sights, do it in style. Pop into a fancy dress shop first and then go make these moments the most wow-factor they can be. That would surely make the Louvre fun.

9. Keep Being You. Keep Being A Unicorn


What more is there to say. You already know what this means. You already know how to live your best life. And if you don’t, read number 2 again.

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