Given you’ve washed up on the shores of this badass blog, we’re willing to slam our bottom dollar on the deck and say you’ve heard of us - you’ve heard about this crazy AF thing called The BucketLust - an exclusive seven-day, 24-hour, flotilla of yachts for life-loving unicorns; an sea-dancing adventure that involves luxury sailboats, exotic locales, and happy-go-lucky partygoers from around the world that love nothing more than good music, expensive booze, views for daze and making memories for life.

But, unless you’ve been there and felt it with your own soul, it can be pretty hard to picture the scenes behind closed eyelids. So, to drop a taste of the good stuff into your imagination, it’s essentially a week of laughing onboard massive yachts, sailing from one paradise to the next, living out your wildest dreams, and drinking the nights away in beach clubs you thought movie directors made up.

The question is: how does a newbie-unicorn book a BucketLust adventure and find their party-loving sea-legs?

Well, to stop your head spinning like a bottle in a teenage game of ‘kiss your crush’, we’re going to break down the booking process, turn your nerves into excitement, remove the novice feelings dancing about your belly and turn you into a fist-pumping, wave-riding and tequila-spraying pro. Can we get a hell yeah?!

STEP 1: Choose Which Paradise To Party In


We might be a bunch of unicorns, pirates and good-time legends, but we still suffer from the same mortal issues as everyone else, like FOMO and not being able to choose what we want to eat off a semi-lengthy menu. That’s what makes the first step the hardest -- picking which badass route you want to go on and send it. And the reason this task is sooo Run DMC (you know, tricky) is because each of our routes is EPIC AF. They all promise smooth sailing, melt-your-mind vistas, pop-up parties, circle-raft raves, and memories you’ll never forget. Thankfully, we try not to overload you with too many once in a lifetime options at any one time.

STEP 2: Decide The Dates You Wanna Boogie


Apparently a week of living like billionaire playboys and bunnies, partying in the warm waters of some far-flung pocket of paradise is something quite a few people want to try their hands at (who would have thunk it, right?). That’s why we put on more than one week for most of our routes. All you’ve gotta do is choose which of those weeks best suits you and your sun-seeking, hard-partying needs. Don’t worry - no one week is anymore lively, memorable, SEXY AF or party-starting than the next. They are all seven days of fun, they all involve wilder than the west antics, they all get sprayed in our TBL special sauce and, yeah, they all get the FULL F***ING SEND.

STEP 3: Every Unicorn Needs A Wave-Riding Chariot (aka. yacht)


Think of stepping aboard a Bucketlust yacht as kinda like going to a high-end club, except you’re in Utopia, the party sets sail every day, and instead of getting to soak up seven hours of epic dance music, you get seven days of it. It’s just a matter of choosing what sort of floating fun house you want to call home for the most memorable week of your YOLO-worshipping life.

  • Do you want your floating movable adventure base to be all sails or a power beast?

  • Do you want to share it with 6 unicorns, 14 misfits or some number in between?

  • Do you want to take your week to the next level of insane luxury by having an in-yacht food magician, more commonly known as a “badass chef”?

  • And what about a “let’s drop the anchor and party here” sort of Skipper?

Of course, every party-pirate wants to know what the galleon they’ll be swigging rum on looks like, which is why you get to check out exactly what yachts are available when you’re ready to hop on the good foot, do the bad thing and click the “book” button. Yeah, they all have between 3 and 5 cabins, but the size, layout, capacity and extras chop n’ change like waves caught in a midnight thunderstorm, so keep that in mind, pick the setup right for you, and then you can yell “Yeehaw.”

STEP 4: Gather Your Crew Of Partycorns


It doesn’t matter if you’ve got enough buddies to fill a whole yacht or you end up making BFFs with some hardbodies and bikini babes on our Crew Finder Facebook Group -- every Bucketlust Route births a forever-squad. You’ll be crew amongst a squad of gorgeous misfits, sipping on private stock, partying like it’s the last day on earth, saluting each paradise you pass, and lounging about on inflatable unicorns in the middle of a flotilla ring - and it will feel EPIC.

Of course, every awesome party has a few house rules and guideline thingys, and we’re no different. So here’s a list of things you should probably know:

  1. The person making the booking is called the Lead Booker, and the Lead Booker is a) a legend, b) responsible for recruiting their crew, c) in charge of making payments on time and d) gonna get a bunch of TBL points (and points mean prizes).

  2. If you’re a solo-adventurer, or a Lead Booker trying to find a few unicorns, our crew finder page is probably the greatest networking forum on the planet. Period.

  3. We promise seven days of fun (and some naughtiness), which means you’ve got to be 21 or over.

  4. Whether you can sail or not, the amount of partying involved doesn’t lend itself to a long day at the helm. That’s why we include a skipper in the price. But these aren’t any normal skippers. HELL NO. They are the best of the best. They’re nautical gods and goddesses. And they’ll raft you, dock you, sail you and look after you all week long.

  5. Chefs are an optional extra, but the yummiest optional extra. Ever. We’re talking about delicious and nutritious meals every. single. day.

  6. We celebrate gender equality. That means we require an equal-ish number of ladies and gents on each yacht. Trust us: it makes the whole week a gazillion times more electric.

STEP 5: You Pay And Then You Party


How much the best week of your existence is going to cost all depends on the itinerary, how many unicorns are in your crew, what kind of pirate ship you charter, whether you add a chef to the line-up, where in the world you are going to F***ING SEND IT and all that nitty-gritty awesomeness. But once you’ve decided on all those SEXY AF details, all you’ve gotta do is press that irresistible booking button and then pay for your epiphany trip using our Payment Plan before the route kicks off.

It goes like this: 25% for the deposit, 35% for the first instalment, and then the final 40% for the second instalment. Schimples. Anyway, after the Lead Booking Legend has booked and paid the deposit, they can invite the rest of their super-squad to the booking, where each crew member can pay their share of the most madcap adventure between Toronto and Timbuktu.

STEP 6: Lose Your F***ing Sh*t


With one eye on the route itinerary and the other on your stuffed-to-the-zipper duffle bag, now’s the time to lose your sh*t! You’re about to have yourself your very first TBL experience. You’re about to pop your good-time cherry. You’re about to live your best life while yelling YOLO at every chance, stepping aboard a massive yacht with your oldest BFFs and newest unicorn squad, and then start partying on the most “Holy S**t!” beaches paradise has to offer for what’s guaranteed to be the most rad montage of moments stored in your brain. The madcap friendships, the pinch-yourself sights, and epic AF adventures - it all starts now. So, what are you waiting for? Pull up our Tropic Like Its Hot playlist on Spotify, have a mini-rave and get booking, baby -- woo-woo.

Thanks for reading! For more BucketLust madness and crazy adventure ideas, follow us on Instagram and Facebook. It’s the first step in joining our global community of unicorns, and who doesn’t want to be a unicorn?