The way we see it, life is chock-full of f**k yeah moments - the sort that makes you bite your bottom lip, clench your fist, and (unintentionally) pull your sex face. They’re usually the little things, like popping bubble-wrap, finding the cool side of your pillow in the middle of the night, pulling a $50 note out of your jeans, seeing the waiter arrive with your food, scoring a last-minute goal against your best-mate on FIFA 18, beating your realty agent brother in a game of Monopoly, and finally getting to pee after holding it in for what felt like seventeen years (#roadtripproblems).

But you can forget about all these little f**k yeah moments for the next six-and-a-half minutes because nothing beats aimlessly scrolling about the internet only to unearth an article all about the greatest, MOST SEXY AF, under-the-radar party you’ve ever heard about, read about, or dreamt up in your wildest dreams -- and that’s exactly what our New Year’s Eve Event was.

It was a SENDING IT SENSATION. A mind-fizzer and soul-whizzer. A crazy AF adieu to 2018 where pirates screamed “No sleep til Brooklyn”, bikini babes and ripped dudes burnt down the world, Lambos and discos flooded the islands, no one wore underwear, and life felt like a dance music video from the early-naughties. Basically, it was the GREATEST. F***ING. PARTY. ON. PLANET. EARTH.

And here are the 10 epic things we learned through it all - woo woo:

1. St Martin Was Made For Sending It


We called it the St Martin Route, but that fell a million miles short of the rebel-rousing truth because, well, we partied hard on three islands in seven days, got drunk on the cocktail of French grandeur, Dutch mayhem, and Caribbean-cool beach vibes, and sprayed our TBL special sauce all over the place while chanting, “New Year’s Eve is dead. Long live New Year’s Eve.” We had all-dayers on the shores of secret paradises and, no, we’re not talking about pretty beach walks and lounging on palm-strung hammocks. We’re talking about sailing into drug-white bays, digging holes in the sand, filling them with speakers, and throwing pop-up parties on coastlines laden with sea turtles, rays and gorgeous partygoers. SXM is the ultimate party paradise.

2. Life Is Better In Bikinis & Boardies


Rule No.12: sexy swimwear and life were mermaid for each other. It’s as simple as that. Forget all those pointless life stresses and everyday mundane moments -- all you need in life is a fun-time bikini, a pair of tan-boosting swim shorts, a little vitamin sea, and the sort of face-aching smile that says, “I’m living my best life and I ain’t gonna apologise to anyone, yeehaw!”

3. Fancy Dress Should Be An E’ryday Thang


Do you know what would make a tour around the Louvre more badass? Doing it in a panda head. Do you know what would make a trip up the Empire State more memorable? Wearing shiny silver leggings and a matching nipple piercing. Do you know what would make you high-five yourself in the mirror every day? Wearing mirrored speedsters and an octopus hat. That’s how to spread a smile and share the love. It’s about celebrating the life-loving unicorn you are, standing on the bow of a boat in the most luxe pocket of paradise, grabbing a proverbial megaphone and shouting, “THIS IS ME, BABY!

4. Tequila Is Good For The Soul


We’re going to kickstart this bullet point by saying some cliche and boring stuff like “drink responsibly” and “when the fun stops stop” -- but we don’t mean it because no good story ever started with, “this one time, I popped a slice of lemon in my water.” No. Every soul-shaking revelry and regret-filled fun-time has a chapter all about tequila. The clink of beers, the roar of a keg stand, drinking pink wine off a bikini babe’s butt and doing shots of anything on a ripped dude’s abs. It’s about raising a glass to the moment, seeing the world through booze-tinted goggles, and letting the naughty little devil on your shoulder show you his hedonistic ways. Why? ‘Cos they all bring out your best smile and they’ll all live forever in your best memories. And SXM was proof.

5. Paradise Beaches Make The Best Adventures

20190119-TBL-SXM-Batch1-RoamTravelPR-0074 (1).jpg

Some people cross the Arctic being pulled by huskies, others slap on a bunch of sunscreen and hike across deserts, and a weird few do back to back marathons all in the name of adventure. But they’ve got it all wrong. The most EPIC adventures happen while lying on a white-sand beach, taking selfies of yourself getting blown back by a 747, and getting flirty AF with your vacay-crush. The best adventures happen while island hopping in a flotilla of yachts helmed by party-pirates who love nothing more than dropping anchor in the middle of the ocean and telling our resident DJs to “spin that sh*t!”. They happen with tequila and they involve wave-making music, life-loving unicorns, tangerine sunsets, seafaring debauchery, a whole lotta lust, and making all your inhibitions strip naked and walk the plank. They’re the sort of adventures we love.

6. There Ain’t No Party Like A Yacht Raft Party


If we’ve screamed it through a tie-dyed megaphone once, we’ve screamed it through a tie-dyed megaphone a million times: the craziest parties are our yacht-raft parties. It’s calling a halt to the sailing, tying your flotilla of floating yachts together with handcuffs, seeing our motley crew of misfit skippers give our resident DJs the thumbs up, and realising a mid-ocean pop-up party is about to take-off. It’s epic. Inflatables bob down the bowling alley of party yachts, lasers dance in the sky, skinny-dippers leave their trunks on deck, babes fist-pump like tomorrow will never arrive, and so much champagne is sprayed the sea-level rises faster than a High Striker’s puck.

7. Hangovers Are The Best With TBL


High-grade hooch does a lot of groovy things and kick starts a bunch of epic stories. It makes jokes funnier, people sexier, worries less of an issue, and your dance moves a gazillion times more wow. But when you overdo it, booze is also really, really good at making you curse the skies, threaten to boycott beer, and regret all the mad-times you had the night before -- unless you’re hungover on a Bucketlust Route, that is. That’s when hangovers are epic. There’s none of that feeling sorry for yourself, stomaching your questionable behaviour, or dragging yourself to work. Instead, it’s just a matter of walking to the bow of a beaut yacht, high-fiving your party squad, popping on our Resting Beach Face playlist, soaking up the rays, and enjoying the tonic for tired eyes that is your ocean-surrounded paradise, before cracking open another cold one and doing it all again without a care in the world. Hell yeah.

8. Squad Swimwear = Badass Photos


It’s true. Squad swimwear is SEXY AF. And every time you slip into it from this day forward, you’ll be tickled by all the epic memories you made while living your best life in the best corners of the planet. They’re the gift that give you badass snaps, and then keep on giving you more.

9. Our Resident DJs Are Party-Starting Ubercorns


We don’t just give you any old record spinners and knob-twisters. We give you the best of the best. The creme de la creme. The good-time givers that know exactly what tunes will have your hips shaking, fists pumping, butts bouncing and smiles spreading - and they don’t stop. Not for a moment. They’re the masters of the pop-up party -- snake charmers that get bikini-clad hotties dancing on the decks with boardie-adorned hardbodies, the sun turning the ocean pink behind them as they crank it up to 11 and beyond, as you and the lust of your life getting closer and closer, your eyes locked and bodies in sync. Yeah, there are DJs, and then there are party-starting ubercorns. We give you the latter.

10. Our Bucketlust Squad Of Unicorns Are Epic AF


If one thing sprung to the front of our hearts, minds, souls and smiles, it was you lot. It was our madcap family of good-time hunters -- our ever-growing squad of misfits and beatniks, boho-oddballs and hippie-weirdos. It’s our Forever Squads. Those who want every day to top the last, encourage everyone around them to have the time of their lives, let the ocean be their road, love exploring our crazy-beaut world, and just want to dance all day and all night, only stopping to hug the people around them, high-five the BFFs they’ve made, and then tell us we’ve created something special; something wow; something that has to be felt to be believed. And that is why we want to say thank you for the best NYE party and the most badass TBL route we’ve ever had. Thank you.

And there we have it - the 10 things we learned while a) sending it in SXM and b) telling 2018 to suck it. And damn it was fun.

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