Yachts are based in two locations and three base marinas:

TBL Check-ins are located at:

  • MARINA DI PORTISCO (yachts based at MARINA CALA DEI SARI should check in here, shuttles will be running between these marinas)

suggested CHECK-IN timetable:

  • Arrive at base marina: 12pm
  • Meet Skipper & yacht charter company check-in: 1/2pm
  • Provision at local supermarket: 3pm
  • Load bags and provisions onto yacht: 4/5pm

NB. Yachts in Marina Di Olbia to depart MARINA @ 5pm


    Marina di PortisCO/MARINA CALA DEI SARDI

    • ATM
    • Taxi times from:
      • Olbia Costa Smeralda (OLB): 20 min
      • Alghero-Fertilia (AHO): 1hr 40
      • Cagliari-Elmas (CAG): 3hr

    Marina di Olbia

    • Taxi times from:
      • Olbia Costa Smeralda (OLB): 5 min
      • Alghero-Fertilia (AHO): 1hr 40
      • Cagliari-Elmas  (CAG): 3hr


    We will be operating check-ins at MARINA DI PORTISCO and MARINA DI OLBIA between 12-5pm to:

    • Collect crowdfunded items
    • Meet your Skipper and Chef

    It’s important that every crew member gets a wristband as we’ve negotiated drink deals, free bar admission, discounted club entry and some transportation for those wearing them.


      Head to the yacht charter company office with your Skipper to check-in, this will involve:

      • Paying the yacht security deposit
      • Confirming your crew list
      • Receiving your yacht papers (legal, insurance etc.)

      Yacht security deposit

      You must put down a security deposit with the yacht charter company against your yacht in case you cause any damage to it during the week. This is fully refundable upon checking out a non-damaged yacht (therefore, it is important you looking after your yacht and attend the check-out). The amount varies between yachts and charter companies and this information can be found on your yacht booking page. Typically, this can be dealt with by hold on your credit card.


      Up to three members of your crew (plus your Chef if hired) should go to a nearby supermarket to provision your yacht for the week. We suggest getting everything you need for the week here because it is cheaper and will have a better selection than the smaller shops along the route.

      Marina Di Portisco

      Marina di Olbia

      • Auchan (map): 3 minute taxi from marina (0.7 miles)

      Many locations will have a restaurants, but eating on your yacht is part of the true TBL experience (Day 3 you must eat on board your yacht because we are anchored off an island with no access to restaurants/shops).

      ***Guests are responsible for providing their Skipper (and Chef if hired) with reasonable food and drink for the week, whether it be on board the yacht or in a restaurant with your crew.***