Q. How do I attend a TBL event?

Gather a group of friends (normally between 8-10) and book a yacht on our wesbite. The price of the yacht is fixed and you split it between all crew members on board.

All TBL yacht bookings include skippers (to sail you around safely). Adding a chef (who cooks deleicious food and cleans the communal areas of the yacht) is an extra cost and can be added to your booking.

Q. Can I book individual spots on a yacht?

No, we do not offer individual spots but please check out our Facebook 'Crew Finder' page where existing bookers advertise for extra crew members, or where you can make a post requesting to join an existing booking with spare spaces.

Q. Do I have to have a 50:50 male:female ratio for my booking? Do you offer all male or all female yachts?

We aim to have a 50:50 ratio accross all our events to get the perfect balance and ensure you get the best possible experience!

We do not offer one gender bookings, however, if this is a sticking point please get in touch with us and we may be able to make an exception depending on how the overall event ratios are looking.

Q. Can I make changes to my ratio after booking?

It is important that you keep to the ratio you booked with.

However, we understand that unforeseen changes do happen so please contact us as soon as you are aware of any change and we will do out best to accomodate your request, whilst trying to maintain the overall 50:50 ratio for the event.

Q. What happens if I show up to check-in and my ratio isn't 50/50?

You will still be able to charter the yacht but you will not recieve a TBL wristband and you will be barred entry to our events.

Q. I am struggling to find some extra guys/girls to fill the remaining spots on my yacht. Can TBL help?

No, but we highly suggest you post openings for guy/girl spots on our Crew Finder Facebook page. Be sure to give details (and photos!) about the yacht model, type, size, cost, where the crew is from, and a few fun facts about yourselves.

Q. I don't want to fill my yacht to its maximum capacity. Can I get the yacht price reduced taking into account the smaller number of people?

No, TBL only sells whole yachts and not individual spots. You may choose to fill the yacht with as many people as you wish up to its maximum capacity but the price you pay is for the yacht as a whole.