Loyalty Program


Points mean prizes


Loyalty Program


Points mean prizes


The BucketLust was born out of the principal of a group of like-minded, intrepid travellers thirsty for new adventures, clubbing together and building our first ever sailing trip to Belize. As we have grown ever larger and pulled off more and more insane successful events, we have made certain to keep our feet firmly on the ground, putting our guests interests first and foremost.

Let's face it, we wouldn't be able to function as a company without all of you beautiful humans. It's your continued commitment to our events, your adventure thirsty attitude, and your explosive energy that make our events as addicting and memorable as they are. 

We want to reward you for sticking with us and believing in us. None of this would be possible without you, and this is our way of saying - thank you.



We assign you Loyalty Points for every event you attend. The more Loyalty Points you collect the higher Loyalty Group you enter, meaning earlier pre-booking access. 


Loyalty Groups are ranked from 1 to 4. Public bookings will only open once all Loyalty Groups have had the chance to pre-book an event.

  • Loyalty Group 1: 12+ points

  • Loyalty Group 2: 7-11 points

  • Loyalty Group 3: 4-6 points

  • Loyalty Group 4: 1-3 points


Loyalty Points are earned based on the number of events attended and whether you were a Lead Booker or part of the Crew.

  • Lead Booker: 3 points

  • Promotional Event Organiser: 2 points

  • Most Valuable BucketLuster (by popular vote): 2 points

  • Crew (guest): 1 points

LEAD Booker

Lead Bookers are the master logisticians of fun for these weeks, and deserve to be rewarded for their efforts. From managing the money and payment deadlines, to costume coordination, crew tank top production, lodging before and after the trip, checking in/out, constantly repeating the same information to the crew, having to frantically fill spots..... we feel for you.

Therefore, Lead Bookers earn more Loyalty Points vs. Crew because we understand how much extra work Lead Bookers must go through to ensure the event is a huge success. 

Promotional Event OrganiSer

From time to time The BucketLust hosts promotional events around the world, where we’ll enlist the help of a local TBL family member to make the event a smashing success. As a thank you, we award these unicorns two extra Loyalty Points. If you'd like to reach out to be a promotional event organizer in the future, please email us at info@thebucketlust.org.

Most Valuable Bucketluster (MVB)

Every event there is that one person who stands out as a god among unicorns. They are not necessarily the loudest of the week nor the one dressed in the craziest costumes, but they are that person that leaves a unique lasting impression on the group. We will hold a competition at the end of each event to nominate this hero, and we'll vote who will be crowned the event MVB. The MVB will earn a spot in TBL Hall of Heroes as well as two additional Loyalty Points.


Being that Bookers are the unsung heroes, we want to reward you again, and will be offering the following to bookers on our next public route based on your past attendance/bookings. These are subject to change on future routes, and will be priced in whatever currency we charge for the route.

  • Prior guest becomes a first time Booker: TBL jacket

  • 2nd time booker: €/$200 cash or prepaid debit gift card at check-in

  • 3rd time booker: €/$300 cash or prepaid debit gift card at check-in

  • 4th time booker: €/$400 cash or prepaid debit gift card at check-in and a custom black party outfit chosen by the TBL owners

  • 5th time booker: €/$500 cash or prepaid debit gift card at check-in, a TBL Baseball Jersey, and a Thai Massage from Maverick

  • 6th time booker: €/$500 cash or prepaid debit gift card at check-in and a “fancy gift” of Kruger’s choosing tailored to each booker


Your’re really going to want to take a look at this one



We'll leverage our collective bargaining power as a group of adventurous, outgoing and trend-setting unicorns with companies looking to reach that demographic, and pass on the benefits to you. Be it customized clothing, electronics, or vodka, know that we are looking to get you the most radical swag we can!




We will assign every BucketLuster a TBL Passport (complete with Loyalty Number) upon completion of your first event.

These bad boys are your ticket away from the real world and will feature pages to track your Loyalty Rank via stamps that are available at every event check-in. Your numbers will be used for future promotions, prize drawings, and to push the pre-booking preference initiative.

They look and feel like a real passport, but don't try to use them at an official port-of-entry.... though we are working on that too because there is no where in the world like The BucketLust.

If you've attended a previous event, we'll work to get you your copy, otherwise new BucketLusters can pick them up at event check-in.