Below is a list of the gods among unicorns from our past events. Their heroism during the week stood out among many legendary acts, earning them the respect of the staff, guest, and locals alike. 

Trey Van Dyke

Belize - NYE '16/'17

For extraordinary heroism in action in the vicinity of the Belizean coastline Dec '16 - Jan '17 . Out manned and out gunned by the youth of Caye Caulker during a dance-off, Trey shimmied his way into the record books with moves that would put Michael Jackson to shame. After fending off a fury of  fist, Trey successfully managed to escape to the shore where he maneuvered over 1 mile to return to the circle raft while rescuing and feeding a local pup from an almost certain death. In the engagements that followed, Trey heroically attempted to save the group from a Saddled Shark, and succumbed to injuries that left him wheelchair bound for the remainder of the week. With laceration on his feet, nose, and elsewhere, Trey continued to endure by partaking in group beach activities, competitions, and even serving his fellow BucketLusters the party sacrament during the week's group dinner. Trey's unrelenting loyalty, initiative, and perseverance brought him wide acclaim, and inspired his peers to strive for maximum achievement. His performance during the week is in keeping with the finest BucketLust traditions and reflect great credit upon himself, Crew Armed & Hammered, and The BucketLust Family.

Larry Mercier-Lafond

Mykonos '17

For multiple displays of conspicuous gallantry in action in the Cyclade Islands of Greece - June 2017. Larry’s heroics started night one after she took it upon herself to taste test everyone’s meal with disregard to the use of utensils after a rumor of tainted meat was discovered to be present on the group’s plates. She continued to look out for her fellow BucketLusters the following morning during a 5 A.M. solo breakfast by ensuring that a plethora of the local spirits were fit for consumption by her crew to complete their 1 before 10s. Larry’s dedication to her crew didn’t end there, with complete and utter disregard to her body’s request for rest and coverage by clothing after an afternoon in the circle raft with a few quiet pints and a mermaid tail, she mustered up the strength to rally the troops atop the multiple horizontal surfaces of that evenings watering hole. By night three, with Rose rations gone at the bar, Larry expertly was able to rectify the situation by concocting it from a combination of red/white wine, only to later be turned into a “vodka cranberry” with a splash of goose. Downing a few of these lead to her swan diving off the club's bar and into the crowed wearing her black leather leotard and Jack Rogers shoes. Be it her late night “Skipper Hunts” or attempt to mass pack the yacht’s collection of pizzas, alcohol, crew’s shoes, and skipper’s water supply so the boat would be clean for turn in, Larry always placed her crew’s welfare above and beyond her own. She was the life of the party and brought cheer to each and every member of the trip. Larry’s actions during this epic week are in keeping with the finest BucketLust traditions and reflect great credit upon herself, Team Rose, and The Bucketlust Family.

Diego Villagrán Prado (aka The King)

The Bahamas NYE '17/'18


For exceptionally meritorious service in action in The Abacos Islands of The Bahamas from DEC ’17 - JAN ’18.  Diego started off the week as an instrumental gear in the rage machine with his can-drink anything attitude and use of a battery powered speaker that was sure to motivate anyone feeling like a nap before sunrise. On one cool windy night, he was alerted to a wounded brother-in-rage and instantly sprinted through the fog (machine) of war to come to the casualty's aide. It didn’t take long until more of the masses started dropping like flies because of the the lack of footwear ,on obviously uneven ground, and one mine laden (broken bottled) beach . BucketLuster were dropping left and right, and they chose to be evacuated to Diego’s yacht rather than waste precious party time at a hospital on the island. Without skipping a beat or a single complaint of being pulled away from the party, Diego stitched up his fellow unicorns and had them back dancing at the front lines. This medicine man’s talents didn’t end there, he used his expertise to diagnose and treat potential relationship problems between fellow unicorns resulting in smiles across multiple faces. These are the type of smiles usually reserved for a vacation in Bali. Diego’s selflessness during the week is in keeping with the finest BucketLust traditions and reflect great credit upon himself, The Good Life Crew, and The BucketLust Family.


Lake Tahoe '18

For Magestical Badassery during Debaucher-ski 2018, vicinity of South Lake Tahoe, USA. Coob brought his A game to the slopes of Heavenly Mountain by taking the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals of raging. While amateurs talk partying tactics and mooch off other’s organizational skills, MVBs like Coob talk rage-logistics and how to fuel the party 'till the break of dawn. He was one of 9 people who actually checked in on time, set up the grocery/booze situation for his whole house, was the first one on the dance floor and the last one to leave. Coob never was passed out before the rest, was always ready for the next event, and he ACTUALLY made it onto the slopes to shred when there were casualties lost to the bright lights, sounds, and seemingly endless number of bars in the casino. His greatest achievement was fighting though a barrage of fireball on the steam locomotive ride to complete the Virginia City scavenger hunt, make it through a battlefield (bar) full of people dropping like flies from all the Bulleits (bourbon), and made it onto the late bus. Coob’s efforts are  in keeping with the finest BucketLust traditions and reflect great credit upon himself, Crew Armed & Hammered, and The BucketLust Family.

Justin "Rage Hands" Lockwood

Sardinia '18


For illustrious eminence in action in the vicinity of Sardinia & Corsica circa June 2018. Justin was a rage multiplier the second he stepped foot in the marina at check-in. As most will attest throughout the week, you heard him before you saw him. Armed with only a speedo, Shinesty sunnies, and his trusty sidekick AuxAnna (Soundboks speaker), Justin brought the party wherever he was with AuxAnna maxed out at level 11. His legendary Lion King wake ups let the group know it was time to roll out of bed, crack open their morning 6-pack, and prepare for another day of madness. Even the marina personnel couldn’t help but boogey down when his dirty beats dropped. Justin lived his life during the week with or without AuxAnna at a constant level 11, and it spread to every BucketLuster he came in contact with. Justin’s actions during the week are in keeping with the finest BucketLust traditions and reflect great credit upon himself, Team Blackout, and The BucketLust Family.

Tina Nguyen "Tina CAN-Tina"


Tina Nguyen - Tina Cantina. We all know she’s phenomenal, and I’ve raged with her a few times in the past, but never really knew what being part of the Cantina was until SXM.

This girl closed down the party every single night. She then would take the party to our boat or another and continue to rage until sunrise. Every day. Back at the boat, she’d then prepare breakfast for everyone and clean the boat, which I and my fellow crew mates sometimes left in a mess…

She always had great outfits for the parties. Our dinghy had issues one day, preventing us from getting to the beach party until nearly the end. Still, she showed up, dressed as a shark, and raged until the very end.

She was a mermaid and danced in front of the DJ booth on D-Boat for 4 f’ing hours. She mermaided so hard, she rubbed her elbow off.

What makes Tina Cantina MVR is not just that this girl can party. She was doctor, mentor, psychiatrist, mom, and friend to everyone she met. She got pulled aside at every single party because people would come to her for medical evaluation or because they needed comforting. She was always gracious and always willing to help. She was never really able to fully let loose because she knew at any point, someone would probably need her to keep it together because they couldn’t.

She was always full of good advice and even better with the shots. Black Party started very aggressively with her ordering bear fights.

She made custom swag for Yellow Fever Squad and sick rings for the Snakes and Laazers cobras. She was always a great ambassador for all her teams. She got us all Team Rose leggings. She was everyone’s friend.

Jeff “12345”Gladding


Programming that laazer 3-4 nights, particularly while sweating his balls off in that Bill costby outfit. Invading skipper breakfast. Buying all the sparklers with gold....having the raddest boat (Snakes & Laazers Crüe) and flag game ever. 12ft beach ball.. All the bottle services and condoms and and pasties and RUBBER SNAKES. And those stupid XLR cables. And the rif cube. Being a Boss and announcing the NYE countdown at midnight

Christina Lola




This nominates Lauren Taintor for MVR. She is a Rage Babe and Team Blackout captain and a legend beyond legends before the week even started. Then at the last minute, she flies in unnoticed and unannounced. Ferries herself to a boat. Shows up at the belly flop competition surprising us all. And then she wins that and continues to teach us all how to rage properly all week. She is forever imprinted on our hearts and our t-shirts. Now let's make sure she's recognized as the god among legends that she really is. We love you LT


DODECANESE ROUTE WEEK 2 2019 MVR - runner up

Jeff Gladding - This cant really describe you better. Please frame and keep in the bathroom below the picture i got made for you.

I humbly submit, for your consideration, one Doctor Jeff Gladding for MVR, who is quite possibly the smartest and dumbest person I’ve ever met all rolled into one. His survivability:liability ratio of 88 is the highest I’ve ever seen.

He almost didn’t even make it to the sail after nearly dying from playing super host to a band of degenerate pirates in San Francisco, Napa, and Tahoe and subsequently breaking his hand defending a damsel in distress.

He showed up super late, missing opening party and immediately losing his boat after losing his passport. Despite the broken hand, he muled a pirate’s chest of crew bootie making sure every one aship was at their swaggiest.

Named D*ck of the Day, he accepted his fate and subsequently punished himself by dressing in an old speedo and allowed Sensei to smash plate upon plate over his head, risking the loss of what few brain cells he had left.

Concussed, he proudly wore a dild* and raged as some sort of metal sea god in Symi.

He later did a circumcision by fire, lit his bicep on fire, and destroyed an après. But with destruction, he also gaveth life - or light to be exact - with his plethora of rad laazers and founding of Hair Nation. He protected his people with flaming guns, even when doing belly flops. He kept his skipper happy by 69ing a Moose almost to victory.

He molested people in true Bill Cosby fashion but sedated the masses with Jell-O shots to prevent outcry.

He renovated a destroyed Greek city with a mega laazer, which brought beauty and color back to the crumbling ruins.

He was the bravest of the brave with giant balls - 12ft to be precise - always willing to go into battle, even if it was against himself and sustaining a burned thumb and hemorrhaging his eye.

He dominated Nisyros on an ATV and blasted metal on the Soundboks always at 11, probably because he was hard of hearing as a Deaf Leopard. He tried to dominate the pirate ship by erecting a Snakes & Laazers flag on the crows nest but lost comm with his skipper after losing his phone.

His search for lost phone was a bountiful one -not only was his phone found but he also found someone’s wallet and passport and his own passport for good measure.

He was the only person from his boat to successfully make it to the sunset dinner at the top of Kos AND the closing party, bestowing two chosen scallywags invitations to immortality, to be granted on All Hallow’s Eve at the Castle of Dracul. In Transylvania.

He is the raddest, most metal, most generous host until he’s overdue for a nap, upon which he turns into a tyrannical monster. As$holes never die - particularly this one probably because of all the metal and hemoglobin in his system.

I’d hate this guy for being so extra and stupid if I didn’t love and respect his willingness and ability to rage in spite of adversity always everywhere every time with everyone.