To make a booking, one person (the Lead Booker), must purchase a room and pay the first instalment via our website. 
The Lead Booker will be responsible for organising payments, filling the other spot on their room and acting as the main contact upon arrival and departure.
The Lead Booker is responsible for making sure payments are made on time.

Bookers can book up to 3 rooms (sleeps 6 people) under one booking.

Loyalty and early access bookings open Wednesday May 24.

You must pre-register to receive an early booking code to access bookings during this time.

General bookings open Monday May 29.

There are 13 rooms available to book. Each room sleeps 2 people for 26 people total.


If the route sells out, a second week will be added. 

Week 2 dates are: November 23 – December 2, 2023

Note: Week 2 itinerary may not be exactly the same as the first week.

Yes, you are responsible for filling the second spot on your room and must cover all payments regardless of whether that spot is filled. Your room sleeps up to 2 people or you can take the full room to yourself. 
The cost is based on 2 people and does not change should you choose to take a full room to yourself.

On the event page on our website you can view arrival details such as suggested arrival time and airport, as well as some blogs and pages regarding packing and preparation!

More details regarding the exact itinerary, additional activity booking and more info will be released 2-3 weeks prior to departure via email to you.



You will be sleeping in 3 different accommodations throughout the route:
El Nido: spend 1 night at a boutique 4+ star hotel with AC & pool in the heart of El Nido town
Island Hopping: During the 5 nights on Expedition, our sleeping arrangements are camping in open bamboo beach huts called a Tuka. Each night we find a safe anchorage for the boat and spend the night on an island. There are 15 different base-camps throughout the islands, all are in different types of locations. Some are on their own private island, or within a traditional village or a secluded beach. We will be staying in 5 of these base camps. At the base-camp you can shower with fresh water, grill some fish for supper and enjoy a few rums around a fire.

Everyone gets a mattress, pillow, mosquito net and fresh bedding set.

We recommend that you bring ear plugs if you are a light sleeper. Couples usually sleep together. If you have any special sleeping requirements or a tendency to snore, please tell us at the start of the trip and we will plan sleeping arrangements accordingly.

Boracay: 4.5 star luxury waterfront resort in Boracay with stunning pool. Check into AC suites with electricity and wifi. Suite and villa upgrades are available upon request!
We encourage you to stay with the group to get the full TBL Expedition experience! That said, you are welcome to book alternative accommodation, however you will not be refunded.
No alternative accommodation is available for the 5 nights of island hopping.

Yes, room upgrades may be available upon request in El Nido and Boracay. Upgrade options will be sent out once all bookings are confirmed.

You may also choose to book a second room at the hotels should you and your roommate want separate rooms.

All upgrades and additional room bookings will have an additional charge and no upgrades can be guaranteed.

Hotels rooms in El Nido and Boracay will have air conditioning.

No air conditioning is offered during the island hopping Expedition as you will be sleeping in open air bamboo huts. 

Check In & Check Out

Meet the group in El Nido for check in! We’ll either meet you at the airport or back at the hotel where you will check in and receive your event wristband.
You will need to arrive in El Nido by Friday, November 17 for check-in. There will be a brief orientation on Friday for the Island Hopping Expedition that all guests must attend.
Check in timings will be sent out closer to the date.

Check out is on Sunday November 26 in Boracay by 11 AM. Once the route is over, you are responsible for making your own arrangements.

You are welcome to expend your trip in the Philippines! Should you want to stay longer in the Boracay resort, speak to our team and we’ll do our best to accommodate. 

Food & Drinks

The following meals are included in your booking:
  • All breakfasts throughout the Expedition
  • Welcome Dinner on Night 1
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the 5 days of island hopping
  • Closing Dinner on Night 9

All other meals are at the guest’s expense.

The menu will feature traditional Filipino cuisine with fresh seafood, vegetables, fruit, and rice. All fish is sourced directly from local fishermen during our island travels, so red meat options are limited.

You may also have the unique opportunity to fish from the boat and prepare your own Dinner! The local chefs prioritize fruit and vegetable-based dishes, making it a welcoming place for vegans and vegetarians.

Meals are served in one big batch Filipino style (or family style). Please note that chefs do not change their recipes or menu to accommodate any dietary requirements, their policy is eat what you want and leave the rest. That said, if you have any food allergies please let us know and the chefs will accommodate.

Alcoholic drinks are not included and are at the expense of the guests throughout the trip.

During the Island Hopping Expedition, you will be given a wristband to load with money to use on drinks and other personal spending at the base camps throughout the trip. Any money not spent will be returned to you after.

All other drinks in El Nido and Boracay can be purchased using cash or credit card, when available.

While on the Island Hopping Expedition, Avoid drinking too much alcohol. Of course you will want to enjoy a few beers and sample some of the local rum around the fire at night, however don’t make yourself a liability. Nobody want to have to look after the drunk guy. Tropical hangovers are a nightmare and you don’t want to miss out on the day activities if you are trying to recover from the night before!

This is not your typical TBL booze cruise but also not detox/rehab/yoga/meditation retreat boat. This is the ultimate expedition to remote Filipino islands!

Events & Parties

There will be TBL events each day, however they may look a little different than our typical routes. 
While on the Island Hopping Expedition, expect beach-side fires, stargazing, game nights and of course late-night dance parties. 

Yes, there will be a DJ on the route. That said, they will not be playing music every night of the trip.

Expect 3-4 big party nights with a DJ on this route!

Yes! That said, please coordinate with the rest of the group so we don’t end up with 15 Sounboks on the Paraw boat, though that would be pretty epic!

Yes, there will be a photographer on route to take photos so you don’t have to!


Swimming and snorkeling area big part of the Expedition. To make the most of your experience it is recommended that you feel comfortable in water. If you are not a strong swimmer then tell us and we will make sure the guide takes extra care of you and we have swimming buoyancy aids onboard.

There will lots of opportunities to explore the pristine reefs we have discovered throughout the islands. Snorkels and masks are provided on all of boats on the Expedition. There are fins available if you wish to use them, but although there is a range of sizes there may not be a pair to fit everyone. You can bring your own equipment if you wish. If you are a keen snorkeler and plan to spend lots of time in the water, it is a good idea to bring a long-sleeved rash-guard to protect you from the strong tropical sun and annoying jellyfish stings.

If you want to do some diving then we recommend that you spend some time in the Coron area before or after your trip. Coron is known as one of the world’s best locations for wreck diving, and has many pristine reefs and the spectacular thermal Lakes on Coron Island.

Diving will also be available in Boracay should you wish to book.

All diving must be booked and paid separately by the guests.

Massages are available at the Boracay hotel and may be available at some of the remote base camps throughout the Expedition.

Massages must be booked and paid separately by the guests.

Additional activities in Boracay can be booked directly through the hotel.

Seasickness & Travel Times

Weather can be unpredictable this time of year. We recommend you bring sea sickness tables should you get sea sick.

The Island Hopping Expedition has no set itinerary and route we try to break journey with island/beach stop as much as we can, depending on weather and sea condition the boat journey can be 1-2 hour to the next stop.

We spend as much time exploring islands and the reef until the group is set to go. The only time we need to consider is the arrival at the base camp before dusk 5-6PM.

In a rough sea condition there are some crossing that can take up to 4 hours. there are so many bays and islands where we shelter or explore depending on wind and water condition. We do not like traveling rough seas as much as you do so we time it and see where we can enjoy most of our time on the water.


Most major airlines offer flights to Manila (MNL), the largest airport in The Philippines.

Once you arrive in Manila, you will need to take a connecting flight to El Nido to meet the group.

Once you land in Manila, you will need to take a connecting flight to El Nido. 

There are 2 airports to fly intO:

  • DIRECT FLIGHTS TO AND FROM EL NIDO ( – A 40 seater plane that is difficult to book during holidays. They operate charter planes from the private airport owned by El Nido Resorts. 
  • FLY TO PUERTO PRINCESA Puerto Princesa is approximately 250km south of El Nido and requires a 5 to 6 hour van ride or 7 hour public bus ride. CHERRY BUS AND RORO BUS is the name of the company that is most reliable with hourly service from 8am up to 10pm. Vans and buses leave from the bus station in San Jose. Flights to PUERTO PRINCESA FROM MANILA, CEBU, ILOILO or DAVAO –

The domestic flight from Coron, where the Island Hopping Expedition ends, to Boracay, are included in the cost of your booking.

All additional domestic and international flights are at your own expense.

Charging & Wifi

There is no 24h electricity on the Islands. However there is solar charging on the boats and generators in some of the base-camps so you will be able to charge batteries on some of the nights.

We recommend that you fully charge your batteries the night before you board the boat. Remember to pack a Flashlight or Head-torch.

Yes, all hotels will have power outlets to charge your batteries and phones.

The Philippines operates on 220V supply voltages (USA is on 120 V). You will need a voltage converter when plugging any US-electronics in to charge.

Most electrical outlets in the Philippines are non-grounded two-pronged outlets of either type A (North-American standard) with two flat parallel pins.

Sometimes and not guaranteed, they haveType C (European style) with two round pins.

Wifi will be available at the hotels in El Nido and Boracay. That said, remember we are in the Philippines and Wifi may be spotty.

No Wifi will be available during the island hopping Expedition. 

If you need to work remotely during this time, this is not the trip for you.

Toilets & Showers

All basecamps have shared flushing toilets and showering facilities. 


There are fresh water showers at the base camps either by the well or filled up water drums. You will be advised if you are camping in a remote island or beach with no toilet or fresh water source- but this only happens when a group is up for it.

Yes, both hotels offer full bathroom amenities with flushing toilets and fresh water shows in each room.

Luggage & Storage

During the island hopping Expedition, you will need to pack all your belongings you want to use during that portion of the trip in a drybag. This must be a proper waterproof bag, not a rain cover for your back pack. All travellers must bring their own drybag as they will not be provided.
You have access to this bag during the day and take it down to the base-camps at night.
The rest of your stuff will be packed out of the way in the hold of the boat and can be accessed every now and again to replenish your day pack. To make things simple we recommend that you pack these two bags the night before you depart to ensure a easy departure to the base camps each day. Your second bag can be a suitcase or a duffle bag.

There are no baggage restrictions on the boats. We recommend that you store your valuables such as passports and wallets deep inside your large bag which will be stored inside the luggage room or out of the way inside the hull.

Extra bags can be stored on the boat during the island hopping Expedition. The baggage will be kept dry at all times, however if you are traveling with a laptop we suggest to store it in a waterproof dry bag to avoid accidents.

While bags must be moved to and from the remote base camps each day, the local Paraw boat crew will assist with carrying your bags. That said, it’s always appreciated if you can lend a helping hand!

Health & Safety

All travellers are required to have their own Travel & Medical insurance.

We are travelling to very remote area of the Philippines so we do as much as we can to avoid accidents. The crew is trained in response to emergency situation and look out for dangers but no matter how much we take care, it is still up to the travellers to help to look after themselves and avoid mishaps.

You will be given a ‘Safety Orientation’ by your expedition leader. This will include Water Safety as you will be spending a lot of time getting in and out of the water. Please notify the crew if you are not a strong swimmer and they will keep an extra eye on you.

There are small critters in the tropical water that can sting you. A rash-guard top whilst swimming can protect you from some of these. The worst are things living on the reef so never stand, touch or pick up anything from the reef and you should be fine. Reef shoes are also recommended.

Dehydration is a common cause of accidents and feeling unwell. You will be required to bring your own refillable water bottle and drink lots of water. There are large containers of purified drinking water on-board for you to keep your bottle topped up.

Up to date and accurate information about all aspects of malaria, including risks and prevention, is readily available to you from travel health clinics, travel healthiness and via the web. Because it is a complex and rapidly changing issue, we do not want to recommend whether or not to take malaria medication.

Northern Palawan is generally a low risk area. Occasionally it comes in small outbreaks and consequentially the local health office will have a warning, we will be advised and pass on the warning to travellers. It is not that very common for an outbreak during November. Be more cautious on Dengue fever which is more common and can be contracted anywhere in southeast Asia, especially in town and cities. There are no medicine to prevent catching Dengue so be always cautious. Dengue and Malaria normally appears mid monsoon season which is July-September.

It is advised to minimize the risk of Malaria and Dengue through bit avoidance. Bring lots of mosquito repellent and long sleeve clothing, it also advisable that when with children. In town it is better to get Air-conditioned rooms because mosquitoes are most active early in the morning/ late afternoon. Town and larger population have more disease carrying mosquitoes than those of small islands and villages.

Sleeping arrangements in the islands are set up near the beach to get a breeze thus reduce mosquitoes. Nets will always be setup for sleeping. Traveling in South Palawan needs extra precaution any time of the year. Sand-flies are very common in the beaches- villages and base camps in the islands. Some people react badly on sand-fly bites, long sleeves during sunset is advised for those special folks who attract mosquitoes and sand-flies.

The best ointment or repellent for mosquitoes and sand-flies in our expedition is Kwan Loong oil, a Singaporean mentholated oil.. You have to re-apply every 30min but it is effective and much safer than any DEET products. If you can get it before coming to Palawan from Asian pharmacies or you can get it in the Expedition office in El Nido and Coron.

Entry & Visas

You do not need a visa if you’re visiting the Philippines as a tourist from the EU, UK, USA, Australia or Canada. Please check with your local consulate if the country you are travelling from requires a visa. 

We recommend that you have six months validity remaining on your passport as a minimum requirement and can show a return ticket.

Please check here for the latest entry requirements.

As of May 18, travellers will need:

  • Passport with at least six months validity from arrival date in the Philippines
  • International outbound ticket
  • Proof of Covid vaccination status or proof of a laboratory-based rapid antigen negative test result within twenty-four (24) hours prior to the date and time of departure from the country of origin.
  • All travellers must fill in the eArrival Card

Requirements can change frequently so please check here or online for updates ahead of your travels.

These are the latest COVID-19 vaccination requirements as of May 18, 2023:

  • Fully Vaccinated Travellers:  Pre-departure COVID testing is no longer required for fully vaccinated travellers, to include Filipinos and foreign nationals.
  • Unvaccinated/Partially Vaccinated Travellers:  A laboratory-based rapid antigen negative test result within twenty-four (24) hours prior to the date and time of departure from the country of origin is required for entry to the Philippines.

Please look here or online for the latest entry requirement information.


The Lead Booker should email us at to cancel the booking. The date this email is sent is counted at the cancellation date for the purpose of calculation any cancellation fees that may be due.

Whilst we understand that circumstances change, any payment received from you triggers our obligations with the tour supply companies. Therefore, any cancellation by you will incur a cancellation fee plus a 5% administration fee. The cancellation fee will depend on the time of cancellation and your destination and are set out in our terms and conditions.

All payments need to be made via our website by debit or credit card (we cannot accept bank transfers).

The total price of your booking is split into three instalments set out in the Payment Plan on your booking page.

The total price of your booking is split into three instalments according to your Payment Plan.

Deposit: $100 | (Payable Upon Booking)
Instalment 2: 30% | (Due One Week After Booking)
Instalment 3: 70% Minus Deposit | (Due 3 Months Prior)

It is the Lead Booker’s responsibility to ensure all payments are made on time.

If you miss an Instalment payment deadline your booking is liable to cancellation.

As your payments go towards paying multiple different parties (hotels, tour  suppliers, flights, events staff, activities, restaurants etc.) in order to deliver your holiday, it is very important that Instalments are paid on time. 

If we are unable to pass your payments on to the yacht suppliers before the deadlines, they may cancel your booking without refund.

Once the room is booked, the Lead Booker can invite their guest to make payments of their choice towards the total price via the booking page. That way you won’t have to send money back and forth.

If you are joining through Crew Finder and the room balance is already full paid then you cannot make your payment to us. You will need to arrange payment internally with the Lead Booker.

We do not charge card fees. Contact your bank as they may charge their own card fees or foreign transaction fees.

If it says failed/pending it means that the payment has not and will not go through. First of all, please try to pay from another browser. Google Chrome is most compatible. If your payment is still declined, please contact your bank to check the following:

1. Not enough funds in the account.

2. Maximum daily limit set by the bank for a transaction.

3. Default block on international transfers – check your bank to ensure they allow international transfers with your card.

4. Your bank requires you to activate 3-D secure, a feature that we support. 3-D secure is an extra layer of security where you are redirected to your bank to submit a personal pin code in order to identify the buyer before the purchase goes through. If the bank that issues your card does not support Verified by VISA / Secure Code by MasterCard and American Express SafeKey, then the transaction may be declined and another card needs to be used.

Yes – use our Crew Finder facebook group to find available spots in rooms that have already been booked but that have spare spots available.

The Crew Finder group is a forum to connect people looking for spots with those who have already made a booking and are looking for extra guests to join their room

Looking for a spot in a room?
Make a post on the Crew Finder group explaining who you are, which event you want to attend [The Philippines Route] and what your budget is. The more information you give about yourself the more likely you are to be invited to join a room!

Booked a room and looking to fill spare spots?
Make a post on the Crew Finder group explaining who you are, what your crew is like, what event you are attending and the price of the spot you are willing to sell. 

We recommend getting to know each other a bit and then deciding if you are a good match for each other. Remember you will be living together on a yacht for the week so its important that you get along.

If the booking is not already fully paid for the new guest joining the booking can make payments directly towards the total price using our website.

If the booking is already fully paid for the new guest joining will have to make payment directly to the lead booker of the booking.

Feel free to send us an email at to confirm the details of the booking before you make payment.

Whilst we hope that everyone is honest and fair, we cannot guarantee this and cannot be held responsible for any fake accounts that may exist. We also cannot guarantee that you will get on with everyone you meet on Crew Finder or be held responsible for payments, shared costs or sleeping arrangements that you agreements between yourselves.

If you’re unsure or uncomfortable with a deal, don’t go through with it and book directly with us instead.